Doorway or over window awning canopy - 0003

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Doorway or over window awning canopy - 0003

This doorway or over window awning canopy is a beautiful edition to any home providing shade and protection from rain right at your doorway.  Size is W. 4.92 feet x D. 3.28 feet


It is a made of a solid durable poly-carbonate sheet that has a UV protective layer that keeps the product from fading and aluminium bracket. It is a light weight, transparent, flexible and strong wind resistant sturdy product.  Enjoy the protection of snow, rain and debris. The frame is a high strength aluminium alloy and corrosion resistant.


The poly-carbonate is 2.6 mm in thickness and is 1/6 the weight of glass and 1/3 the weigh of acrylic - virtually unbreakable. Environmentally friendly. 100% recyclable. High transparency which provides the same level of transparency as glass.



Easy to install - bends into the arches and will not crack or split when cut or drilled.