Luxury Pool Cover Enclosure - 3 mm thickness of poly - 1001

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Luxury Pool Cover Enclosure - 3 mm thickness of poly - 1001

Luxury Pool Enclosure. Size is W. 11.74 feet x H. 3.11 feet x L. 21.33 feet. Estimated delivery 60-80 days from date of purchase. 

Provide ideal safe swimming environment.

Safety features include fully enclosed structure with secure locks. 

Reduces cost of maintenance and water evaporation.

Long service life of pool.

Protection from debris, leaves, snow, rain.  Enjoy swimming even when it rains! 

Lower your hydro bills.


It is a made of a durable poly-carbonate sheet that has a UV protective layer that keeps the product from fading and aluminium bracket. It is a light weight, transparent, flexible and strong wind resistant sturdy product.  Enjoy the protection of snow, rain and debris. The frame is a high strength aluminium alloy and corrosion resistant.


The poly-carbonate is 3 mm in thickness and is 1/6 the weight of glass and 1/3 the weigh of acrylic - virtually unbreakable. Environmentally friendly. 100% recyclable. High transparency which provides the same level of transparency as glass.


Easy to install - bends into the arches and will not crack or split when cut or drilled. Installation available in the GTA upon request.  Please call us for rates.